Energy Income Partners, LLC is a Delaware limited liability company and an SEC-registered investment advisor, founded in October 2003 by Jim Murchie, Linda Longville and Eva Pao to provide professional asset management services. EIP’s research focuses on investments in steady fee-for-service businesses in energy infrastructure such as pipelines, storage facilities and terminals and in regulated electric utility and renewable power generation. Investments are publicly traded with a particular focus on Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs) and their affiliates, Yield Corporations (YieldCos) pipeline and power utilities in the U.S. and Canada.

The EIP investment team is made up of James Murchie, Eva Pao, Saul Ballesteros, John Tysseland, Louis Lazzara, Lisa Sacerdote and Lisa Murchie. The team has over 160 combined years of energy industry, securities research, trading and portfolio management experience.

EIP was founded in 2003 and is located in Westport, CT.

Team Bios


James J. Murchie

Co-Founder, Co-Portfolio Manager and CEO

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Eva Pao Portfolio Manager EIPIX EIPFX Infrastructure Fund

Eva Pao

Principal, Co-Founder and Co-Portfolio Manager

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Saul Ballesteros Energy Income Partners EIP Westport

Saul Ballesteros

Principal, Head of Trading and Operations

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John Tysseland, Portfolio Manager

John K. Tysseland

Principal and Co-Portfolio Manager

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Cheryl Melena, Controller and Fund Accountant

Cheryl Melena

Controller and Fund Accountant

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Joe Tiberio low res

Joe Tiberio

Manager of Operations

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Mate Rumora, Trading and Operations Specialist

Mate Rumora

Trading and Operations Specialist

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Nandita Hogan

Chief Compliance Officer

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Jon Ackerhalt

Business Development Manager

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Jayme Martino

Investor Relations / Client Service

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Sarah O'Malley

Sarah O’Malley

Human Resources

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Elizabeth Arkay Leliever Energy Income Partners EIPIX EIPFX Westport

Elizabeth Arkay-Leliever

Accounting Associate

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Bruno Dos Santos Energy Income Partners

Bruno Dos Santos, CPA, CFE

Chief Accounting Officer

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Louis W Lazzara

 Principal and Senior Research Analyst

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Lisa Murchie

ESG & Impact Investing Research Specialist

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Anna Merriss

Compliance Associate

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Margaret Green

Office Manager

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Linda Longville Brecksville EIPIX EIPFX Fund

Linda Longville

Partner Emeritus

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